Event Name
Webinar: Management for Sustainable Pasturelands

Degraded pastures are the product of overgrazing, the indiscriminate use of burning, invasion of weeds and pests, and the pressures exerted by climate change. The loss of vegetation and topsoil erosion in turn leads to a reduction of forage production, livestock productivity and impacts on wildlife and other ecosystem services. In addition to benefiting productive livestock systems, the recovery of pasturelands can play a key role in mitigating climate change by storing carbon in soil and biomass and water infiltration in drought-prone areas. The sustainable use of pastures ensures consistency between productive purposes and conservation of biodiversity.

The webinar will offer an exchange of experiences of recovery and sustainable management of pastures between practitioners and policy makers in Latin America. Multiple experts and partners to Initiative 20x20 will share their knowledge on best practices, lessons learned, economic results and environmental impacts.

Presenters include:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Uruguay
  • ABC Program, Brazil
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Argentina
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Chile
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Colombia
  • Pasticultores del Desierto, Mexico
  • American Bird Conservancy, USA
  • Pronatura Noreste, Mexico Fundación Vida Silvestre, Argentina
  • Ovis 21, Argentina
  • Proyecto Ganadería Colombiana Sostenible de CIPAV, Colombia


Date & Time

November 08th, 2018 07:00 to November 08th, 2018 09:00