Cafetalera NicaFrance


Matagalpa, Nicaragua

About the project:

Moringa has invested in Cafetalera Nicafrance SA (“Nicafrance”), a Nicaraguan agroforestry company, specialized in the production of high quality shade-grown coffee and timber for high-end applications. The investment strengthens the forestry activities of the company and finances the development of a cluster of small and medium-sized coffee farmers. The Nicafrance coffee farm is over 1,000 hectares, of which 660 hectares is coffee plantations under tree shade and 115 hectares is forest.

Through investment in an outgrower program, Moringa targets small and medium scale farms in the Matagalpa region that have been severely affected by rust and the effects of global warming. Using specific agroforestry rust tolerant coffee plant varieties and hybrids developed by CIRAD and ECOM, the cluster of producers in the outgrower program aims at producing close to 5,000 tons of specialty coffee per year for high-end roasters. In addition, a whole timber industry has been created to add value to more than 10 native tree species. The NicaFrance farm is now certified by UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and FSC.

This model could be replicated in the region.




US$ 6,830,000

Media contact:

Eric Poncon, Regional Director, ECOM Trading,

Clément Chenost, Cofounder, Moringa Fund,