Investing in high-quality cocoa in Panama


Cuango, Panama

About the project:

Cuango is a 1,455 hectare property located on the Caribbean coast of Panama that was previously used to farm cattle and grow teak for export. With the purchase of the property and subsequent transformation, 12Tree seeks to combine a commercially productive cocoa plantation with a sustainably managed secondary forest that produces native hardwoods for market. The project, which will establish 548 hectares of new high-yield and high-quality mechanized cocoa, also protects 760 hectares of primary forest. Over 150 cocoa trees  have already been planted.The project is also producing a biodiversity inventory of the natural forests of Cuango.
This $9.5 million capital investment will lead to revenue from tree harvesting in the long-run and from plantains and pigeon peas in the short run. Eventually, 12Tree seeks to establish permanent forest cover on over 50% of the land, leaving the rest for local agricultural production.


US$ 9.5 million

Media contact:

Lenny Martinez, Sustainability Manager,