CARANA Agribusiness Partnerships

CARANA Agribusiness Partnerships LLC establishes and manages companies engaged in significantly improving agricultural performance. They use technology, financing, market access and supply chain redesign to break through traditional limitations to agricultural productivity. By co-investing with local partners in each country they actively manage their investments to create attractive economic, social and environmental returns for both investors and the communities where they operate.

CARANA has applied its market-driven philosophy to agricultural industries all over the world, improving productivity, processing, and delivery systems―both for local consumption and exports. The majority of their current projects are either fully or partly focused on agribusiness development, knowing that better prices for farmers underlie improved incomes, economic growth, and food security. They have experience in multiple value chains, product areas, and markets and have been particularly successful at moving up-market with higher value products. Carana channels debt and equity with an investment/loan size per project of US$2.5M for a term of about 8 years.