Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Established in 1993, CIFOR is a non-profit scientific institution that operates across the globe, promoting “a more equitable world where forestry and landscapes enhance the environment and well-being for all.” Headquartered in Bogor Indonesia, CIFOR has regional offices located in Lima, Peru, Nairobi, Kenya, and Yaoundé, Cameroon. At present, CIFOR works in the following Latin American nations: Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. These nations all have restoration ambitions under Initiative 20x20.

CIFOR joined Initiative 20x20 as a technical partner in 2016, and has brought expertise through a highly committed group of scientists focused on poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, equity, and policy engagement. The organization is supporting policy and practice through cutting-edge empirical and analytical research and by applying impact assessment science.

CIFOR has produced a series of studies of relevance to forest and landscape restoration in Latin America and the Initiative 20x20. These have been coordinated and can be accessed below.