EcoEnterprises Fund

EcoEnterprises Fund is a pioneer impact investor that has worked with innovative, nature- and community-based businesses for two decades. Building on the combined know-how and track record of two successful funds, the team launched its third fund under management in early 2018.

Remaining true to its proven investment approach, EcoEnterprises Fund III identifies, nurtures and finances the scaling of small and medium sized companies that protect vital ecosystems, promote the sustainable use of natural resources and help offset biodiversity loss through habitat conservation and reforestation efforts, while providing alternative livelihoods for rural communities, who are an integral part of protecting the earth’s natural assets.

EcoEnterprises Fund has found that successful conservation and addressing the social and economic needs of peasant and indigenous communities are inextricably linked. By providing tailored growth capital and hands-on support to businesses that foster sustainable practices, build equitable and fair value chains and strong working relationships with surrounding communities, and serve as model for replication in expanding sectors like organic agriculture, agro-forestry, wild-harvested products, aquaculture, and ecotourism, the Fund fills a void in the market, boosts local economies and protects threatened ecosystems.

Impact and returns are maximized by leveraging the Fund’s broad network of partners, and its expert investment and risk mitigation strategies developed and tested over two decades.

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