Fondo Acción

The Fund for Environmental Action and Childhood (Fondo Acción) is a private non-profit entity based in Colombia. The Fund was created in 2000 within the context of a bilateral agreement between the governments of Colombia and the United States of America, to manage a single account, the Americas Initiative Account, created thanks to a debt-for-nature swap between the two governments. As of 2004, the Fund modified its statutes so that it could manage multiple accounts with contributions from different categories of clients and donors. That same year, Fondo Acción was selected to administer a second debt-for-nature swap: the Agreement for the Conservation of Tropical Forests (TFCA).

Fondo Acción currently co-finances and executes projects in the areas of sustainable rural development, climate change, and conservation, supporting the execution of activities such as: livestock reconversion and restoration of degraded lands; elimination of deforestation and degradation in community and ethnic forests; increase in forest connectivity; planning and territorial ordering; community territorial governance; protection and conservation of natural resources (water, soil); commercial, sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services; mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

During 2017-2020, the Fund will investing at least USD11.7 million in projects relevant to Initiative 20x20’s goals.