Fundacion Pasticultores del Desierto AC

Founded “by ranchers for ranchers,” Pasticultores del Desierto AC is a non-profit organization that uses planned grazing management and adaptive genetics to promote profitable and resilient ranching operations across arid landscapes.

Pasticultores provide ranchers with on-going education & mentoring activities in sustainable ranching techniques, including site visits. It also supports building infrastructure, such as water distribution and fencing, to facilitate the practice of planned grazing management.

Pasticultores collaborates with several organizations and government entities on a variety of topics such as land degradation, biodiversity, climate change, carbon sequestration, dust storm control, food security, water cycle restoration, soil fertility, and many other benefits from using planned grazing management on desert grasslands. We provide technical assistance and support to the following organizations on the topics previously described:

- United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

- Regeneration International.

- Pronatura.

- American Bird Conservancy.

- Bird Conservancy of the Rockies.

- Audubon.

- Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza on Sustainable Ranching.

- US Environment Protection Agency.

- Savory Institute.

- Holistic Management International.

- 4 per 1000 Initiative.

- Soil for Climate.

Pasticultores has already successfully implemented regenerative ranching practices on over 300,000 hectares of grasslands in the Chihuahuan Desert in northern Mexico. The organization’s goal is to reach 1 million hectares of land under planned grazing by 2030 using 100,000+ head of cattle to build biological capital, the basis of profitable and sustainable cattle ranching operations.

Pasticultores del Desierto is headquartered in Juarez City, Chihuahua, Mexico.