International Foundation for the Restoration of Ecosystems (FIRE) | Fundación Internacional para la Restauración de Ecosistemas

Established in Spain in 2006, FIRE is an international non-profit with the goal of restoring and conserving ecosystems while maximizing social benefits through the transfer of knowledge to restoration projects. The five major components of FIRE’s work are: 1) generating scientific and technical information, 2) implementing restoration projects, 3) designing and implementing capacity-building projects and training courses, 4) empowering students, professionals and workers in planning, implementing and evaluating ecosystem restoration practices, and 5) supporting sustainable commercial production.

Our technical expertise in the field is mostly related to restoration of forests, agroecosystems and wetlands.

We have produced and consolidated the high-quality on-line Diplomado course "Restauración de Ecosistemas y Servicios Ambientales", taught in Spanish, in collaboration with Mexican academic institutions.

FIRE currently has a team of more than 30 professionals linked to institutions in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Canada, the United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua and Paraguay.

FIRE was legally established in Paraguay in 2015 and in Chile in 2017.

At the international level, besides the Initiative 20x20, we are linked to the Society for Ecological Restoration and the International Analog Forestry Network.