LXG Amazon Reforestry Fund

LXG Amazon Reforestry Fund (ARF) is listed in the Lima Stock Exchange and is regulated by Peruvian Authorities. The fund acquires deforested areas in the Amazon from cattle ranchers and plants high yielding native and exotic tree species in a profitable and sustainable way. The fund aims for financial as well as environmental and social returns. To accomplish this, LXG ARF partners with specialized forestry operators and external forestry advisors with reputable track records, and also seeks to obtain international certifications, such as the Rainforest Alliance certification, in order to validate its commitment to nature and combating global warming.

The Fund also expects to accelerate the migration out of illicit activities such as illegal mining and drug trade into formal activities such as forestry in Madre de Dios. Its first investments are in the Peruvian Amazon, specifically Madre de Dios and Codo de Pozuzo, but it is open to exploring investment opportunities in other countries in the Amazon Basin.