Organic Agriculture and an Exclusive Cacao in Volcanic Andes


Cotopaxi and Los Rios, Ecuador

About the project:

Located at the foot of the mystical Andes and in a land of volcanic soils, enriched with minerals and nutrients, Limon and Guantupi have ideal conditions to grow fine flavor cocoa. The Savoru cocoa variety is grown here exclusively and has won multiple awards worldwide.

In this project, 12Tree is rehabilitating this unique plantation threatened by a high incidence of pests and diseases. Investments are being made in corrective pruning, preventive treatment of pests and diseases, a new drip irrigation system, and organic fertilization, and a brand-new post-harvesting center is being put in place for the finest cocoa production. The management of both farms also involves maintaining high-value trees in a conservation area of 28.5 hectares.

The genetic materials planted in Haciendas Limon and GuantupĂ­ were developed by INIAP (National Institute of Agricultural Research). These materials are of the highest possible quality and correspond to the most demanding chocolate makers' criteria.

Investment type



Agroforestry, Low-carbon agriculture

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Petra Kollmannsberger, CSO, Business Development and Sales,