Task Force on Carbon

The task force on carbon researches how to sequester carbon through restoration, as well as innovative financial mechanisms that can fund restoration through carbon markets or pollution-related taxes. These activities aim to build a dialogue that strengthens sustainable land use practices as they relate to a growing regional climate agenda.

Research activities
The task force on carbon conducts research aimed at providing answers to the following questions:

  • What is the carbon sequestration opportunity from restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean?
  • What economic mechanisms exist to link carbon benefits from restoration to financial resources?
  • What are countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region doing to achieve their climate goals by adopting climate-smart restoration practices?
  • What are the methodologies being used to account for carbon sequestration?
  • What avenues currently exist for restoration practitioners to get revenue from providing carbon benefits?

Active Members

  •     Julian Ekelhof (FORLIANCE)
  •     Miguel Calmon (WRI Brasil)
  •     Patricia Fernandez-Davila M. (CIMA - Cordillera Azul) 
  •     Paul Ramirez (Althelia funds)
  •     Paula Caballero (RARE)
  •     Pina Gervassi (FSC)
  •     Rodolfo Balcarcel (ICC) 
  •     Ruben Goldsztayn (FORLIANCE)
  •     Starry Sprenkle-Hyppolite (Conservation International)
  •     Tobias Romero (VIELCA)
  •     Walter Vergara (WRI)
  •     Will Sheldon (Taking Root)

Luciana Gallardo Lomeli, WRI, luciana.gallardo@wri.org

Javier Michelli, ECODES, javier.michelli@ecodesingenieria.com

Rene Zamora, WRI, rene.zamora@wri.org