Carbon Sequestration of Inocas Macauba Plantations in Brazil



Join us for a webinar in Portuguese featuring an innovative restoration project in Brazil. The Macaúba Project, developed by Brazilian company INOCAS and awarded by Initiative 20x20 in 2019 for its potential to recover degraded areas, presents an innovative strategy through the planting of macaúba. The fruits of this palm tree native to the Americas are used in the production of a variety of oils and bioenergy products - combined with cattle (in silvopasture systems) and grains (in agroforestry systems). This agronomic model has great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and excellent economic attractiveness due to its low cost compared to other projects in Brazil.


  • Viviane Romeiro, WRI Brasil
  • Cimiro Costa Junior, IMAFLORA
  • Johannes Zimpel, INVOCAS
  • Felipe Campos Cresciulo, IDB Lab

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