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Initiative 20x20 is a country-led effort that aims to change the dynamics of land degradation in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Initiative 20x20 partners have created more than 100 land restoration and forest conservation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Land Restoration Projects in Latin America

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Por qué los gobiernos latinoamericanos le pagan a los agricultores por plantar árboles y proteger a los bosques


How Latin American Countries Reward Farmers For Growing Trees
  • Accelerating Restoration in Latin America
  • Building the restoration movement in Latin America

    At this year’s annual meeting in Lima, Peru, we asked our partners why they care about restoring their degraded land in their countries and what Initiative20x20 does to support them.

  • Walter Vergara on Initiative 20x20
Witness to Restoration | Initiative 20x20

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