Diploma: Ecosystem restoration and environmental services


This Spanish-language program led by Initiative 20x20 partner Fundación FIRE explores the history, concept evolution and current strategies for ecological restoration from a broad and integral perspective. It is the result of a collation of the experience of different institutions and specialists dedicated to the ecology of restoration who have put their knowledge into practice. By presenting case studies of restoration, lectures and video resources, it is intended that students will understand the fundamentals and challenges of current research and practice in ecological restoration.

It is also intended that they are fully aware of the current techniques for the restoration of specific ecosystems and that they develop the abilities necessary for effectively planning, executing and evaluating projects related to their interests and professional spheres. The program has been organized into five modules, distributed over a period of 17 weeks. Each module includes sufficient material for an estimated study time of 10-12 flexible hours per week.

The program consists of lectures by the professors, evaluations, questions, and case studies. Also included in the program are forums, videos and links to other websites. Each student will be guided by tutors with wide experience in restoration in Ibero-America and the Caribbean.

See the program outline and its website in Spanish.