The Government of Chile Promotes a National Plan for Landscape Restoration

September 11, 2018

by Luciana Gallardo Lomeli

On August 29, the ministers of Agriculture and the Environment of Chile, in coordination with Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF), Instituo Forestal de Chile (INFOR) and international organizations, are now working on restoring degraded or deforested landscapes to contribute to the development of local stakeholders.

They pledged to:

1. Convene a roundtable between the ministries of Agriculture and Environment and technical organizations, which will lead the participatory process and will coordinate with regional authorities through the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Environment, CONAF and INFOR;

2. Plan a participatory process with the significant involvement of actors from multiple levels, both public and private, and with several consultations at the national and regional levels;

3. Plan an online consultation process to collect opinions, suggestions and citizen observations that grant transparency and social legitimacy to the National Plan for Landscape Restoration

4. Present the proposed National Plan to the Council of Ministers for Sustainability during the second half of 2019.

Read the entire official communique here:

Official Announcement in English

Official Announcement in Spanish