Carbon removals through land-based actions highlighted in Berlin

January 29, 2019

by Climate and Land Use Alliance

Carbon removals through land-based actions highlighted in Berlin

It is becoming increasingly clear to climate funders that the Paris Agreement's goals cannot be met without removing large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

For this reason, in November 2018, the Climate and Land Use Alliance, together with the German government (BMU and GiZ), co-hosted a workshop on carbon removal. Meeting participants included a range of funders (foundations and donor governments), alongside practitioners in the field of reforestation and landscape restoration.

The objective of the all-day session was to exchange ideas on how to accelerate natural carbon removal, discuss the challenges of large-scale forest restoration, and reflect on how to effectively spend climate finance. There was also a focus on leveraging private finance. Organizations representing the private sector offered lessons learned on developing value chains, blended finance and the importance of weaving social objectives – jobs, economic development, security – into investment decisions. Initiative 20x20's progress on encouraging private investment was also presented.

The agenda can be found here.