Research Gaps and Priorities in Silviculture of Native Species in Brazil

October 2019

by Samir Gonçalves Rolim, Fátima C. M. Piña-Rodrigues, Daniel Piotto, Alan Batista, Miguel Luiz Menezes Freitas, Silvio Brienza Junior, Maria José Brito Zakia, Miguel Calmon


Developing native species silviculture is imperative to promote the forestry sector in Brazil and help the country to achieve its NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) to the Paris Agreement. A Research & Development (R&D) Platform needs to be built in order to boost the sector. This working paper describes four investment scenarios to establish an R&D Platform based on native species from the Amazon and Atlantic Forest biomes of Brazil.

Some of the main findings include: (1) Based on the four investment scenarios, investments from USD 3.79 (BRL 14.6) to USD 7.30 (BRL 28.1) million may be required, which represents less than 0.05% of Brazilian investment in R&D, and (2) an area as small as 10,000 hectares would already justify an investment in the R&D Platform. One of the proposed investment scenarios showed a return of USD 2.39 in benefits for each USD 1 invested in R&D.

This working paper was produced by WRI Brasil, the World Bank, PROFOR, and the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests, and Agriculture.


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