The Road to Restoration A Guide to Identifying Priorities and Indicators for Monitoring Forest and Landscape Restoration

October 2019

by Kathleen Buckingham, Sabin Ray, Carolina Gallo Granizo, Lucas Toh, Fred Stolle, Faustine Zoveda, Katie Reytar, René Zamora Cristales, Peter Ndunda, Florence Landsberg, Marcelo Matsumoto and John Brandt


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Resources Institute have created a new guide, The Road to Restoration, to help governments, businesses, communities and anyone actively restoring land identify priorities and set up goals grounded in reality. Using real data, they can create systems that support and keep track of their efforts. By measuring progress, countries like El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi have followed the road to restoration to craft customized and implementable strategies to fight climate change and rural poverty.

The tool guides users through basic questions about the process to restore land: Why is restoration needed in the first place? What will the restored land be used for? What are the barriers that could prevent sustainability (including drivers of degradation and enabling factors)? What are the constraints and priorities for monitoring restoration?

These questions help people establish goals, identify quantitative data, and track progress.


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