Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration

March 2020

by René Zamora Cristales, Doribel Herrador, Nelson Cuellar, Oscar Díaz, Susan Kandel, Jorge Quezada, Silvia de Larios, Giovanni Molina, Madelyn Rivera, Wilfredo Moran Ramírez, Abner Jimenez, Emma Flores, Maria Franco, Luciana Gallardo, Walter Vergara


Restoration is more complex than just planting trees. It requires that farmers, rural communities, businesses, and government agencies—all with different interests—unite behind a shared vision. Establishing common goals and measuring progress facilitates deeper collaboration among diverse actors.

The Initiative 20x20 Secretariat at the World Resources Institute, together with the Government of El Salvador, the Regional Program for Research on Development and Environment (PRISMA), and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), created the Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration in a diverse, 1,200 square kilometer landscape. The Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration is a field-tested tool for measuring the impact of restoration efforts and can be used in countries willing to develop monitoring systems at the landscape level.


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