Conserving 50,000 hectares of biodiverse forest in Peru


Huánuco, Peru

About the project:

The Andes Amazon Fund, an Initiative20x20 financial partner, has helped create Carpish, 50,559 hectares of forest and grasslands in Peru's biodiverse central Andes. Rich in biodiversity, Carpish is home to many rare birds found nowhere else on Earth, like the collard inca and brown-flanked tanager. The Carpish Mountain Forest, the first Regional Conservation Area to be established in Huánuco, Peru, also shelters 78 endemic plant species.

The Carpish forest is known for its natural richness and its beauty. Local people will help to safeguard Carpish and ensure a more sustainable future for all of its vulnerable and endangered species, such as the spectacled bear and yellow-tailed woolly monkey.

The 20 surrounding communities will also greatly benefit from the creation of this new Regional Conservation Area. Carpish has great potential to boost the regional economy through ecotourism. Visitors can participate in a variety of activities, like hiking and birdwatching, which will, in turn, provide new jobs for local people. At the same time, Carpish will sustain ongoing economic activities in the region by protecting the water supply and plants with medicinal value.

The Huánuco Regional Government, Peruvian Ministry of Environment, Peruvian Protected Area Service (SERNANP), and local leaders all led this conservation effort and made this area a reality. The establishment of Carpish also would not have been possible without Nature and Culture International, who helped facilitate the on-the-ground work needed to create Carpish, and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, which financially supported this work with Andes Amazon Fund.

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Avoided degradation and deforestation



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