Silvopasture and natural forest management in Paraguay


Several locations in Paraguay

About the project:

UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use is responsible for the technical management of a 13,600-hectare forestry project in Paraguay. The project, which began in 2002, was implemented in cooperation with PAYCO, a Paraguayan company that carries out sustainable agriculture, livestock and forest management. By combining natural forest restoration and the management of existing forests with planting new forests and silvopastoral systems, the company creates added value. Shared value is an important dimension of the business plan. Land is mainly rented from local family farms and the profits, as well as the management of the land, are shared with the land owner.

Aside from the expansion of food production, PAYCO has reforested 8,000 ha of land and plans to restore an additional 20,000 hectares of land by 2026. UNIQUE developed the forest restoration activities in a joint venture with PAYCO and is responsible for the technical management of the program. Informed by best practices, innovative forestry production schemes have been established, and today, the consortium is the largest forest reforestation initiative in Paraguay. The company's environmental stewardship is also documented in annual sustainability reports, and the reforested areas are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

By strictly implementing a "site-species-market" approach that prioritizes tree species diversity, the most appropriate silvicultural management regime, and optimal value chain organization, the project generates value for both landowners and clients. Optimizing the positive environmental and social impacts of the the forestry operations is of particular importance, and the project is monitored regularly to identify potential improvements.

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> US$ 15,000,000

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