Secondary and Degraded Forests

The task force on the sustainable management of secondary and degraded forests is focused on gathering and disseminating knowledge on the opportunity that the practice offers at local, country and regional scale. The task force leadds activities that support communities of practitioners and policy makers in adopting and scaling up sustainable practices where opportunities call for it.

Research activities
The task force on Secondary-Forest Management conducts research aimed at providing answers to the following questions:

  • What is the opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean to sustainably manage secondary and degraded forests?
  • What are the barriers to the sustainable management of secondary and degraded forests?
  • How does land tenure and tree tenure influence the practice?
  • What are some business cases and value chains that rely on the practice?

Active Members
    Ronnie de Camino (FCCF)
    Rene Zamora Cristales (WRI)
    Felipe Carazo (FUNDECOR)
    Mario Garcia (GIZ)
    Walter Vergara (WRI)

Rene Zamora Cristales, Research Coordinator for Initiative 20x20, WRI