Task Force on Biodiversity

The task force on biodiversity aims to conduct research and provide technical guidance to country officials and private sector partners on how to restore degraded land to boost biodiversity.

Research activities
The task force on biodiversity seeks to research and coordinate activities by addressing the following questions:

  • How can restoration improve biodiversity?
  • Which seed production and supply systems help create biodiverse restoration outcomes at scale?

Active Members
    Alexandre Ferrazoli Camargo (FUNBIO)
    Celia Harvey (CI)
    Evert Thomas (Bioveristy International)
    María Franco Chuaire (WRI)
    Fabiola López Barrera (Instituto de Ecología)
    Iris Banda (Pronatura Noreste)
    José Maria Rey Benayas (FIRE)
    Marie Ange Ngo Bieng (CIRAD)
    Paul Ramirez (AIDER)
    Sylvia Mayta (AIDER)

Iris Banda, Pronatura Noreste, ibanda@pronaturane.org