Task Force on Incentives

The task force on incentives seeks to analyze public incentives that help or hurt sustainable land use practices. The task force assesses countries' exisiting incentives and advises government officials on how to improve them to achieve optimal results.

Research activities
The task force on incentives researches and coordinates activities on incentives that affect land use decisions. The task force aims to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What incentives are currently used by Latin American and Caribbean countries to improve land functionality?
  • What existing incentives have a negative effect on land functionality?
  • How can the government set priorities to implement its incentive schemes cost-effectively?

Active Members
    Aaron Bruner (Conservation Strategy Fund)
    Duncan Gromko (UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use)
    Hector Cisneros (FAO Peru)
    Jose Carlos (Conservation Strategy Fund)
    Juan J. Ferrando (UN Environment)
    Luciana Gallardo Lomelí (World Resources Institute)

Rene Zamora Cristales, Research Coordinator for Initiative 20x20, WRI, rene.zamora@wri.org
Felipe Carazo, Executive Director, Fundecor, fcarazo@gmail.com