Task Force on Investment Ecosystem and Carbon Markets


To restore degraded landscapes at a massive scale, we need to match financial resources from the public and private sectors in a coordinated effort to maximize impact and efficiency. This task force seeks to transfer knowledge and promote the restoration economy throughout Latin America's investment ecosystem, including private impact investors, entrepreneurs, companies, communities, and financial institutions. Further, the task force recognizes that restoration's potential for carbon capture and sequestration and thus explores the role of carbon markets and other innovative financial mechanisms that can add to the revenue streams for restoration practitioners. These activities aim to build a dialogue that strengthens sustainable land use practices as they relate to a growing regional climate agenda.

Research Activities

  • Promote innovative ideas within the restoration economy
  • Support business acceleration by having members participate as mentors in WRI’s Land Accelerator and other programs
  • Research strategies to scale up investment in restoration by private impact investors
  • Coordinate with the Monitoring task force to identify knowledge gaps in assessing the impacts of investing in restoration

Research Questions

  • What is the carbon sequestration opportunity from restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean?
  • What economic mechanisms exist to link carbon benefits from restoration to financial resources?
  • What are countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region doing to achieve their climate goals by adopting climate-smart restoration practices?
  • What are the methodologies being used to account for carbon sequestration?
  • What avenues currently exist for restoration practitioners to get revenue from providing carbon benefits?

Active Members

  •     Alan Batista (MIROVA) 
  •     Andreas Schnall (FORLIANCE)
  •     Andres Anchondo (American Bird Conservancy) 
  •     Angela Betancourth (3er Planeta)
  •     Ernesto Herrera (Reforestamos Mexico)
  •     German Rodriguez (FORLIANCE) 
  •     Ilse Flores (VERRA) 
  •     Isidoro Hazbun (Amazon Conservation Team)
  •     Kaspar Wansleben (Forestry and Climate Change Fund)
  •     Richard Focken (12Tree Finance)
  •     Liliana Chisaca (Ecodes Colombia) 
  •     Maria Ines Miranda (EcoInnovations)
  •     Jean Pierre Morales Aymerich (CEDARENA)
  •     Miguel Fernando Pinedo Palau (3er Planeta)
  •     Monica Varela (Rare) 
  •     Pina Gervassi (FSC) 
  •     Ronald Calvo Aguilar (Fucore)
  •     Thiago Belote Silva (WWF Brasil)
  •     Trevor Walter (WWF) 
  •     Veronica (Rare)
  •     Julian Ekelhof (FORLIANCE)
  •     Miguel Calmon (WRI Brasil)
  •     Patricia Fernandez-Davila M. (CIMA - Cordillera Azul) 
  •     Paul Ramirez (Mirova Natural Capital)
  •     Paula Caballero (RARE)
  •     Pina Gervassi (FSC)
  •     Rodolfo Balcarcel (ICC) 
  •     Ruben Goldsztayn (FORLIANCE)
  •     Starry Sprenkle-Hyppolite (Conservation International)
  •     Tobias Romero (VIELCA)
  •     Will Sheldon (Taking Root)


Luciana Gallardo Lomeli, WRI, luciana.gallardo@wri.org

Javier Michelli, ECODES, javier.michelli@ecodesingenieria.com

Angela Betancourth, 3er Planeta, networking@3planeta.co

Richard Focken, 12Tree Finance, richard.focken@12tree.de

Rene Zamora, WRI, rene.zamora@wri.org