Task Force on Wetlands


This task force seeks to highlight the relevance of wetland ecosystems within the restoration agenda, providing advice to public and private actors on restoration actions and best practices based on the exchange of knowledge present in the region.

Research activities

  • How can wetlands restoration contribute to improve livelihoods and climate change resilience?
  • Which best management practices and experiences on wetlands restoration have upscaling potential?
  • Which are the available methods to recover wetland ecosystem services (through restoration pilots)?

Active Members

  • Ana Carolina Santos (Instituto Alexander von Humboldt)
  • Angélica Batista (Instituto Alexander von Humboldt))
  • Daniel Blanco (Wetlands International LAC)
  • Francisco Medina (HELVETAS)
  • Gaston Fulquet (Wetlands International LAC) \
  • Kristell Hergoulac’h (CIFOR) Louis Verchot (CIAT)
  • Luís Aníbal Solórzano (Tompkins Conservation)
  • Lydia Cole (St. Andrews University)
  • María Franco Chuaire (WRI)
  • Román Baigún (Wetlands International LAC)
  • Ronald Ayazo (Instituto Alexander von Humboldt)
  • Walter Vergara (WRI)