12Tree invests $100 million in restoring and protecting 17,000 hectares

December 11, 2018

by Lenny Martinez, 12Tree

12Tree invests $100 million in restoring and protecting 17,000 hectares

12Tree Finance, based in Latin America and Germany, is an Initiative 20x20 financial partner that serves as an investment advisor and an experienced project operator that creates large-scale sustainable agroforestry plantations. Since 2017, 12Tree has already made $100 million of investments in 10 projects throughout six countries in Central and South America, covering 17,000 hectares and creating hundreds of jobs.

12Tree has made use of over 20 years of operational experience with timber and fine-flavor cocoa value chains to create as many permanent biodiverse forests and agroforestry plantations as possible to develop and secure valuable ecosystems and the critical services they provide. 12Tree invests in reforestation and afforestation projects, the development of new, sustainable agricultural production and processing, and improving the quality and yields of established agriculture. With its $100 million, 12Tree has invested in several species and commodities: teak, acacia, native hardwoods, cocoa, coffee, bananas, and coconut palm plantations. Typically, these products are intercropped with a number of different shade crops in sustainable agroforestry systems that use the latest agricultural practices and technology to achieve above-average yields and premium prices for farmers and investors.

12Tree is now working in several Initiative 20x20 partner countries: Colombia (7,650 hectares), Ecuador (830 hectares), Panama (1,850 hectares), Costa Rica (290 hectares), Guatemala (4,800 hectares), and the Dominican Republic (2,100 hectares). The organization hopes to expand its operations throughout the Initiative 20x20 network and look for opportunities to connect and collaborate in the coming years. See its partner page for more details.