René Zamora Cristales, Doribel Herrador, Nelson Cu... March 2020
Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration
The Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration is a field-tested tool for measuring the impact of restoration efforts and can be used in countries willing to develop monitoring systems at the landscape level.
Alejandro A. Imbach and Adriana Vidal | IUCN... February 2020
How inter-institutional networks transform landscapes: Lessons from Latin America on advancing forest landscape restoration
This report presents a package of tools, principles and guiding questions that can be used to develop new or assess existing inter-sectoral coordination mechanisms (ICMs) for forest landscape restoration (FLR). This study also presents a package of tools, principles and guiding questions that can be used to develop new or assess existing ICMs for FLR.
José M. Rey Benayas, Adison Altamirano, Alejandro ... January 2019
Landscape restoration in a mixed agricultural-forest catchment: Planning a buffer strip and hedgerow network in a Chilean biodiversity hotspot
Guidance for large-scale restoration of natural or semi-natural linear vegetation elements that takes into account the need to maintain human livelihoods such as farming is often lacking.
Shoana Humphries, Álvaro Cabrera Paredes, María Fr... November 2018
Restaurando bosques andinos: Experiencias innovadoras en Apurímac, Perú y Antioquia, Colombia
Un estudio de iniciativas de restauración de bosques andinos a nivel comunitario en lacomunidad de Kiuñalla, en la región Apurímacen Perú, y a nivel de fincas en el departamentode Antioquia en Colombia.    
Leonardo Saenz... July 2020
Assessing Impacts of Deforestation in Itaipu's Dam Watershed in Paraguay
This report presents results from a rapid eco-hydrological assessment to evaluate the impacts of deforestation on the Paraguay section of the Itaipu Dam. Itaipu Binational is one of the most economic and financially efficient hydropower projects in the world (WCD, 2000). However, our assessment qualitatively indicates that recently high deforestation rates in proximity to its multiannual reservoir may have increased substantially the potential amount of soils to be transported to the reservoir.
Initiative 20x20 Staff... May 2021
Initiative 20x20 Infographic
This infographic shows the partners, the commitments, and the technical know-how that make Initiative 20x20 possible.
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