Seed supply systems for the implementation of landscape restoration under Initiative 20x20: An analysis of national seed supply systems in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina

August 2018

by Evert Thomas, Rachel Atkinson, Maria Franco

A strong seed and plant supply systems at the national, regional and local level are necessary to scale up current restoration activities in order to be able to meet the targets pledged by individual countries.  The report proposes a set of indicators that identify a fit-for purpose seed system and defines a baseline using these same indicators for 7 Latin American countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

The supply of appropriate planting material is the backbone of Initiative 20x20 and needs to be planned in advance as tree seed is not always available. An increase in demand for native species for restoration is likely to happen as countries begin to realize their pledges to restore degraded land and it is important that country systems can respond rapidly and effectively to this.