Task Force on Best Practices

The task force on best practices seeks to provide technical advice to governments and private sector partners on landscape restoration by developing guides and tools. This task force contributes to building sustainable restoration strategies at the landscape level, identifying best management practices for restoration and establishing criteria and indicators.

Research activities
The task force on best practices conducts research aimed at providing answers to the following questions:

  • What is the common framework for landscape restoration under Initiative 20x20?
  • What are the minimum elements needed to consider a landscape sustainable and healthy?
  • How can Initiative 20x20 partners advise member countries on the many complex types of degradation?
  • What best management practices need to be considered when implementing restoration strategies in a landscape?
  • What restoration strategies are the most appropriate to implement for different baseline conditions?  
  • How can we identify restoration opportunities in the landscape that has multiple land use types?

Active Members
    Alejandro Carrillo (Pasticultores del Desierto)
    Cristina Katto (CIAT)
    David Morales (FAO Panamá)
    Gabriela Guerrero (Reforestamos México)
    Janelle Sylvester (Rainforest Partnership)
    Jonathan Cornelius (ICRAF)
    Luciana Gallardo Lomeli (WRI)
    María Franco Chuaire (WRI)
    Mariela Palacios (Rainforest Partnership)
    René Zamora Cristales (WRI, Coordinator of the Task Force)   
    Roger Villalobos (CATIE, Coordinator of the Task Force)
    Rudy Bautista (FDN)
    Sylvia Mayta D’Ugard (AIDER)
    Taryn Sanchez (Reforestamos México)
    Vicente Martinez (Mesa Nacional de Restauración de Guatemala)

    Roger Villalobos, Professor and Researcher, Forest Department, CATIE, rvillalo@catie.ac.cr
    René Zamora Cristales, Research Coordinator for Initiative 20x20, WRI, rene.zamora@wri.org