Task Force on Policy and Legislation

The task force on policy and legislation studies country experiences, lessons and impacts from institutional and stakeholder coordination mechanisms that provide an important enabling condition for forest landscape restoration as part of a broader package of policy and governance arrangements..

Research activities
The task force on policy and legislation conducts research aimed at providing answers to the following questions:

  • Which inter-institutional arrangements favor forest and landscape restoration in the Latin American and Caribbean countries?

Active Members
    Taryn Sánchez Montesinos (Reforestamos)
    Elke Mannigel (OroVerde - Tropical Forest Foundation)
    James McBreen (IUCN)
    Silvio Simonit (IUCN)
    Vladimir Valera (CATIE)

Adriana Vidal, UICN, adriana.vidal@uicn.org