Protecting centuries-old forests in Bolivia


Bosque de Porvenir Municipal Conservation Area, Pando, Bolivia

About the project:

Andes Amazon Fund, an Initiative 20x20 partner, helped create the Bosque de Porvenir Municipal Conservation Area, which protects 31,859 hectares of Amazon forest in Pando, Bolivia. By helping communities manage their natural resources, it safeguards the health of centuries-old forests.

To conserve millions of trees for the long run, local communities will sustainably manage non-timber forest products like Brazil nuts and açaí fruit. These crops will provide a sustainable source of income and build a strong economic reason for local guardians to continue preventing deforestation. The management plan for the protected area also ensures that the area’s many rivers and streams will be full of fish, a key staple of the local diet, for decades to come. This will improve the communities' living conditions while also helping to reduce the impacts of climate change and preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

Bosque de Porvenir is home to many of the emblematic tree species of the Bolivian Amazon, such as the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa), pink trumpet tree (Tabebuia impetiginosa), and açaí palm (Euterpe precatoria).

This project was made possible by the autonomous municipal government of Porvenir. Andes Amazon Fund grantee ACEAA led the flora and fauna surveys, remote sensing work, and other technical steps needed to create the protected area.

Investment type


Avoided degradation and deforestation

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Andrea Díaz, Communications Coordinator, Andes Amazon Fund,