Lydia Slobodian, Adriana Vidal and Carole Saint-La... June 2021
Policies that Support Forest Landscape Restoration
A successful process to advance forest landscape restoration (FLR) needs to motivate, enable and resource its implementation. This brief offers a preliminary exploratory analysis of some of the range of policies that respond to each of these three requirements. 
Alejandro Imbach and Adriana Vidal... June 2021
How Inter-Institutional Networks Transform Landscapes
This study identifies key factors related to the success and impact of ICMs for FLR and presents elements that should be considered when developing new or assessing current ICMs.
Rene Zamora Cristales... May 2021
Financial Strategies for Forest and Landscape Restoration
Many governments have developed robust plans and strategies to prioritize areas for restoration under multiple environmental, social and economic objectives. But once these processes are finished, restoration often stalls. Why?
Daniel Pinillos, René Poccard-Chapuis, Felix J.J.A... May 2021
Landholders’ perceptions on legal reserves and agricultural intensification: Diversity and implications for forest conservation in the eastern Brazilian Amazon
This study analyzed the views of medium and large landholders on Legal Reserves and their relation to agricultural intensification in the municipality of Paragominas, eastern Amazon. Since Brazillian Legal Reserves have major implications for forest conservation and agricultural production, it is key that we understand landholders’ perceptions towards them.
René Zamora-Cristales, Marie Andrée Liere, Ebal Ab... November 2020
Priorización y optimización económica de los incentivos públicos para la restauración de bosques riparios
El presente artículo tiene como objetivo proponer un marco de referencia para la optimización económica en la priorización y asignación de los incentivos forestales de la Ley de fomento al establecimiento, recuperación, restauración, manejo, producción y protección de bosques de Guatemala—PROBOSQUE—para la restauración de bosques riparios.
Daniella Schweizer, Marijke van Kuijk, Jaboury Gha... March 2021
Perceptions from non-governmental actors on forest and landscape restoration, challenges and strategies for successful implementation across Asia, Africa and Latin America
Gathering the perceptions of actors within non-governmental organizations engaged in Forest and Landscape Restoration across countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America about what FLR is and their perceived challenges and strategies for implementation.
Ministerio de Ambiente, Panamá... October 2020
Programa Nacional Restauración Forestal 2020, Ministerio de Ambiente, Panamá
El Programa Nacional de Reforestación con énfasis en cuencas productoras de agua
Manuel Acevedo, Carolina Álvarez-Maldini, R. Kaste... January 2021
Native Plant Production in Chile. Is It Possible to Achieve Restoration Goals by 2035?
Facing rapid loss of biodiversity as a consequence of climate change, Chile has formally pledged to restore 600,000 ha of native forest by 2035. This effort, however, has not considered the amount and quality of native plants required to meet this pledge. Thus, we examined data collected during the annual, government-conducted census of small- and medium-sized nurseries from central Chile, which account for 78% of the nation’s total plant production, to assess if current production is sufficient to meet Chile´s restoration needs. We coupled this with data collected during our series of ongoing research projects to determine if nurseries are currently meeting minimum seedling quality standards based on morpho-physiological attributes. Our four-year analysis (2016–2019) shows that the number of native seedlings has increased by only 4%, but because only 19% of nursery managers have training, just 29% of all seedlings meet quality criteria for restoration. Thus, under the current rate and quality of plant production, meeting restoration pledges desired by the year 2035 would not be achieved until 2181. This timeline can be accelerated through an urgent expansion of nursery space, implementation of a continuous program for technology and knowledge transference, and strong support through governmental policies. 
FAO... October 2020
Restoring the Earth - The next decade
Restoring the Earth - The next decade
Patricia Quijano Vallejos, Peter Veit, Pedro Tipul... October 2020
Undermining Rights: Indigenous Lands and Mining in the Amazon
Undermining Rights: Indigenous Lands and Mining in the Amazon
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