Building coconut agroforestry systems in Suriname


Coronie District, Suriname

About the project:

Pomeroon Trading is a sustainable agriculture and carbon offset company with operations in the Coronie District of Suriname. In September 2023, the company both started a coconut seedling nursery and began tree planting on a 1,200 hectare farm site leased from the Government of the Republic of Suriname. Concurrently, the company continues to work on data gathering and analysis for mangrove protection and restoration activities in both Coronie and Commeweijne Districts, with the aim to generate carbon credits.

These mixed agroforestry and carbon offset projects combine coconut and hardwood trees in an environmentally friendly manner. As with the company's mangrove restoration and rehabilitation projects along the coastline of Suriname, they are carefully designed with the local communities' benefits and well-being in mind.

The Government of the Republic of Suriname chose to work with Pomeroon for its regional agricultural experience, proven track record of environmental stewardship, and the expertise brought by its parent company KlimatX. A company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, KlimatX is a carbon exploration and development company focused on forestry and marine carbon sequestration projects.

Pomeroon has begun analysing a project that will restore and rehabilitate mangroves along pre-approved parts of the coastline of Suriname, including river inlets. Working with their key existing partner and global expert in blue carbon, Silvestrum Climate Associates, Pomeroon and KlimatX deployed several field teams to Suriname throughout 2023. They have also submitted initial documentation for pipeline listing with Verra, another Initiative 20x20 partner, under the terms of a joint co-operation agreement.

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AgroforestryLow-carbon agriculture

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