Land Restoration Projects in Latin America countries=17

Initiative 20x20’s partners have committed to protecting and beginning to restore 50 million hectares of land by 2030. An account of self-reported progress from private sector partners reveals how far they have come since December 2014:
8.2 million
hectares of degraded land are under restoration
14.6 million
hectares are in new conservation areas
These projects illustrate how sustainable land management can improve people’s livelihoods, create jobs, protect biodiversity, produce food sustainability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Explore their accomplishments below:
Investment type



Impact investors have earmarked millions of dollars for land restoration and forest conservation projects in support of Initiative 20x20. Following their individual investment frameworks that prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) returns, these investors finance ecosystem restoration and conservation and sustainable agriculture projects across Latin American and Caribbean landscapes. Projects led by these investors are transforming traditionally extractive land use practices.

Initiative 20x20 investors combat land degradation across entire landscapes. Impact investors consider competing land uses and consider the wellbeing of both local communities and the environment to ensure that ecosystem restoration works in the long run. By relying on innovative business models that break from traditional forestry and food production systems, they enrich both communities and ecosystems and improve forest and agricultural commodity supply chains.

Several investors have developed state-of-the-art reporting systems that both communicate their impact transparently and inspire new funders to finance sustainable land use projects. The investors monitor the impact of nature-based solutions like ecosystem restoration on people’s livelihoods, biodiversity, and ecosystem services, like soil health and water quality. Investors also report to Initiative 20x20 where land restoration is happening and how much their projects have boosted land productivity and reduced carbon pollution.

Initiative 20x20 recognizes a gap in readiness to develop restoration projects across the region. Developing and implementing land restoration projects is a rewarding but technical undertaking. To bridge this gap, Initiative 20x20 has collected a series of tools and methods that can help restoration project developers achieve their desired ESG impact outcomes. The initiative’s Secretariat can connect impact investors with more than hundreds of researchers and civil society experts on ecosystem restoration and forest conservation.

Initiative 20x20 relies on its platform of partner organizations and governments to identify potential areas for land restoration. Initiative 20x20 also contributes to build the market readiness of projects, helping them operate sustainably and profitably. Through platforms like the Land Accelerator entrepreneurship training program, impact investor roundtables, and the terramatch platform, Initiative 20x20 is creating a pipeline of market-ready nature-based solutions projects. Every day, we work to expand economic opportunities tied to sustainable land use in Latin America.

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